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About Us

Interventional Pain Management: Opioid-Free Pain Control

"Interventional pain management" is a complex term for a simple idea: opioid-free pain control. The philosophy behind our approach is to possibly identify the body structure causing pain and then—using image-guidance—to treat that structure with minimally-invasive techniques. By using targeted medication or directed thermal energy, we aim to eliminate or decrease systemic medication, with all their side effects. We are Interventional Radiologists, board-and subspecialty certified physicians, who trained to find diseases on imaging and then using imaging to bring the treatment to the right target. This special focus, combined with our image-guided approach, ensures that your pain management treatment is accurate and safe.

Cost-Effective Treatments and Options.

At the Interventional Pain Management Center, it is our goal to provide you with cost-effective options to best treat your pain. Our state of the art in-office procedure suite has the advantage that total charges billed are significantly lower compared with the same service performed at a hospital or surgical center - while all procedures meet the highest standards with respect to safety and compliance.


We are dedicated to providing the highest quality pain relief to our patients using minimally-invasive procedures and complementary therapy.


We strive to be the region's leading center for minimally-invasive pain relief technology with proven outcomes in a cost-efficient manner.