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​Neck pain encompasses discomfort from the base of the head to the top of the shoulders. More often than not, neck pain is not a serious condition but no less painful. Causes of neck pain include strained or pulled muscles due to poor posture or sleeping position, as well as normal wear and tear of tissues and joints, including arthritis. Neck pain can also be caused by trauma or injury.

Whiplash —

Forceful, rapid movement of the neck from front to back that results injury. Auto accidents are the primary causes of whiplash, but it can also happen during sports accidents, physical abuse or other trauma. Pain includes stiffness and/or soreness and headaches. Whiplash normally resolves in a few weeks, but some patients may develop chronic pain or long-term difficulties.

A number of causes can cause pain in the back, from the shoulder blades all the way down to the legs. Symptoms may include—but are not limited to—aches. stabbing or shooting pain. restricted mobility. inability to stand up straight and pain that moves down one or both legs.