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Because they bear all of our weight, the feet tend to develop painful conditions associated with overuse, particularly in the case of athletes and older individuals who may suffer from the wear and tear of the natural aging process.

Achilles Tendinitis –

Tendinitis of the Achilles tendon affects the band of tissue that runs from the calf muscle to the lower leg and heel bone.

Heel Spur –

Calcium deposits that build up on the bottom of the heel bone are called heel spurs. They can be caused by strain on the muscles or ligaments in the foot or repeated tearing of the membrane that covers the heel bone as well as inflammation or stretching of the plantar fascia, the connective tissue that joins the heel bone to the ball of the foot.

Plantar Fasciitis —

One of the most common causes of heel pain is plantar fasciitis, the inflammation of a thick band of connective tissue along the bottom of the foot that runs from the heel bone to the toes. It normally causes stabbing pain during the first steps of the day, which decreases as the tissues stretches, only to return after overuse or rising after sitting.

Hammer Toe –

When the middle joint of the toe becomes flexed or bent downward (shaped like a hammer), it is called a hammer toe. This condition may be cause by injury, arthritis, a high arch, ill-fitting shoes, stressed ligaments or tendons in the foot or pressure from a bunion.

A number of causes can cause pain in the back, from the shoulder blades all the way down to the legs. Symptoms may include—but are not limited to—aches. stabbing or shooting pain. restricted mobility. inability to stand up straight and pain that moves down one or both legs.